Defense Industry

NOVAE deploys its technical teams, on a daily basis and worldwide, to work on the most sophisticated defense systems and aircraft/land vehicles. The aim is to guarantee operational excellence in all conditions and areas of operation.

Member of GICAT, GIFAS and GICAN, the Group employs experts, former redeployed soldiers, who are trained to work on all defense systems on French soil, and on external operations.

Training to meet requirements

Aware that this operational performance is forged through the learning of methods and the practice of essential actions that enable these systems to function, we have invested in the training of these people who guarantee the operational performance of defense systems every day.

Our fields of expertise

We support our industrial customers in the design, manufacturing and operational support phases of their most complex products and systems:

Manufacturing engineering for the military industry

Manufacturing engineering and on-site manufacturing

  • Study, Design, Tests & Development of products or systems
  • Industrialization & process preparation
  • On-site Manufacturing and Integration
  • Quality Audit & Evaluation System management
  • Product Control & Quality, Non-Destructive Testing
  • Supply chain & Flow management
  • Industrial Transfer
Support engineering for the military industry

Support engineering

  • Logistics support analysis
  • Obsolescence management
  • Technical documentation
  • Multilingual communication
Global Support Package for the defense industry

Maintenance in operational condition

  • Support for manufacturers, OEMs, system specialists, operators and end users
  • France and International Technical Support
  • Consulting on MRO center and approved repair center organization and equipment
  • Supply chain and flow management- spare parts
Training for the military industry

Classroom-based and/or distance learning technical training

  • NOVAE and customer on-site training centers
  • Technical training
  • Land vehicle operation training
  • Maintenance and repair shop management training
Digital solutions for the military industry

Digital training and information transfer solutions

  • Immersive, system modeling and simulator solutions
    • Real Time 3D simulators
    • CBT modules
    • Coaches and Emulators
    • Augmented virtual reality
  • E-Learning modules
    • Digitalization of training materials
    • Training Session
    • Mobile learning/Micro learning/Video learning/Gamified e-learning

Our services

Methods of intervention

NOVAE sets itself apart through its commitment to provide its customers with tailored ecosystem and integration solutions. As no two companies have the same needs, we offer two flexible methods of intervention.

If you are seeking direct technical expertise and on-site presence, our team of qualified professionals can be deployed to your site as a dedicated technical support team. They will work with your team every step of the way, providing tailored solutions and specialist expertise to meet your specific needs.

Alternatively, if you prefer a more external approach, we also offer on-site subcontracting services. Our expert team will work at your premises to allow you to benefit from their expertise without compromising on the required proximity and collaboration.

Whatever the method chosen, NOVAE is here to support you and to provide you with ecosystem and integration solutions that will exceed your expectations.


Technical support

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Industrial subcontracting

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Aeronautics and Space

Automotive and Mobility

Aeronautics and Space

With its deep-rooted industrial expertise, NOVAE deploys experts to provide support with the design, production, operation, maintenance and decommissioning of aircraft, in an environment governed by increasingly exacting requirements, ever-shorter production cycles, and the need to strictly adhere to the budget.

Present in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia, the Group has the capacity to work on all aeronautical and space programs, with primary focus on meeting the expectations of its customers.

Our solutions

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Aerospace Industry

Automotive engineering

NOVAE is positioned as a global consulting, engineering and training player in the automotive and ground mobility industries.

Working at the plants and in the sales, after-sales and training departments of major clients, NOVAE provides excellent solutions to ensure reliable vehicle production, and to enhance relations between dealers and their network.

Our aim is to contribute to the operational performance of our customers to enable them to adapt seamlessly to the major technological changes in their sector.

Our solutions

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Automotive Industry

We recruit the best existing and future talent.

NOVAE is all about the men and women who bring their engineering, training and digital expertise to leading players in the mobility industry.

301230 • 17 Apr 2024 Permanent

Methods Technician - Defense (M/F)

We are currently looking for a methods technician to join our team at a client. The role of the technician will consist of monitoring and updating manufacturing files and controlling...

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Bourges, Centre-Val de Loire

301224 • 17 Apr 2024 Permanent

Machining Industrialization Pilot (M/F)

We are currently looking for a machining industrialization pilot for one of our clients. The role of the candidate will be to take charge of the industrialization of mechanical parts...

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Bourges, Centre-Val de Loire

301110 • 16 Apr 2024 Permanent

Gmao Industrial Performance Technician (M/F)

We are looking for a CMMS industrial performance technician for one of our clients. In this role, you will be responsible for improving industrial performance using CMMS. Your missions will...

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Bourges, Centre-Val de Loire

301102 • 16 Apr 2024 Permanent

Maintenance Methods Preparer (M/F)

We are looking for a CMMS technician/engineer focused on the optimization of industrial maintenance systems. Your main responsibilities will be to supervise and implement CMMS programs, perform data analysis to...

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Bourges, Centre-Val de Loire

300906 • 16 Apr 2024 Permanent

Electronics Repair Technician (M/F)

We are looking for an Electronics Repair Technician to join our team. In this role, you will be responsible for the investigation, repair and modification of electronic equipment, while maintaining...

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Châtellerault, Nouvelle-Aquitaine

300789 • 15 Apr 2024 Permanent

CAD/CAM Technician (M/F)

We are looking for a CAD/CAM technician for our client. You will be responsible for programming the CAD/CAM software, creating models and operation plans, choosing the cutting tools and defining...

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Bourges, Centre-Val de Loire