Aeronautics and Space Industry

With its deep-rooted industrial expertise, NOVAE deploys experts to provide support with the design, production, operation, maintenance and decommissioning of aircraft, in an environment governed by increasingly stringent requirements, ever-shorter production cycles, and the need to strictly adhere to the budget.

Present in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia, the Group has the capacity to work on all aeronautical and space programs, with primary focus on meeting the expectations of its customers.

A tailored intervention level

Novae offers its customers maximum flexibility through the use of 3 levels of intervention: simple technical support, an on-site collaborative platform, introduction of autonomous service centers.

As a partner of the Safran and Airbus groups, Novae has a center dedicated to the training of aircraft engineers and the creation of training materials.

Our fields of expertise

We support our industrial customers in the design, manufacturing and operational support phases of their most complex products and systems:

Industrial engineering for the aeronautics industry

Manufacturing engineering and on-site manufacturing

  • Study/Design/Tests
  • 3D modeling, CAD/CAM
  • Preparation – Processes
  • Industrialization
  • On-site Manufacturing and Integration
  • Design of tools
  • Quality Audit & Evaluation System management
  • Supply chain & Flow management
  • Industrial Transfer
Support engineering for the aeronautics industry

Support engineering

  • Logistics support analysis
  • Obsolescence management
  • Technical documentation
  • Multilingual communication
Global Support Package for the aeronautics industry

Maintenance in operational condition

  • Maintenance in operational condition
    • Diagnostics and troubleshooting
    • First and second level technical support (structure, vector, engine, electrical systems)
    • Third level technical support related to OEMs, system specialists and operators (structure/vector/engine/electrical systems/SNA)
    • Retrofit, modification and upgrade of platforms and systems
  • B1 and B2 maintenance on civil and military aircraft
  • RAFALE, MIRAGE, ATL2, C-130, HC 135, A320, A380, ATR, and other programs

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Our satisfied customers

We have worked on inspiring projects.

Our Methods Technician at Dassault was tasked with transforming drawings approved by the Design Office into production instructions or Manufacturing Orders.

It identified each manufacturing step, the tools required and the time required. In addition, it drafted Instruction Sheets detailing the component parts of the system to be produced.

His/her role was therefore crucial in ensuring a fluid transition between design and production, whilst optimizing the efficiency and quality of the manufacturing process.

The PMO (Project Management Officer) placed at Safran by NOVAE played a key role in managing and coordinating projects, tasked principally with coordinating all project-related activities.

It was responsible for coordinating the project team, making sure that all deliverables were produced in compliance with the quality, cost and lead time objectives.

It guaranteed that the provisions of the Specifications were strictly observed, whilst optimizing the performance of the team, to meet the defined quality, budget and lead time objectives.

Using pre-prepared Instruction Sheets and manufacturing instructions, our fitter-assembler produces the subassemblies that make up a given system.

Once the elements are assembled, he/she is also responsible for carrying out a self-check of these sub-assemblies. This internal quality inspection also ensured that every part or assembly conformed to the quality criteria and defined specifications.

In short, Jérôme was a key contributor to the production chain, transforming drawings and instructions into tangible products whilst guaranteeing their quality by applying rigorous self-check procedures.

Aeronautical Training

Aeronautics training center

With 15 years of experience in training and a multicultural and multilingual environment, NOVAE Training Solutions offers you its diverse and comprehensive training catalog.

Through the expertise and know-how of its trainers, NOVAE is able to offer you tailored training courses that perfectly meet your defined professional requirements.

Our PART 145-, PART 147- and Qualiopi-approved training centers.

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NOVAE Training
Training Aéro

Our vision

A logic of partnerships and work in extended enterprise

Aware that there is strength in numbers and that it is pointless to invest where others are experts, NOVAE has, since its creation, implemented a 360-degree partnership approach with universities, colleagues, freelancers and even some of its customers.

Safran Helicopter Engines Academy Affiliation

For more than 15 years, LCI, acquired by the NOVAE Group in September 2019, has been a key player in the Safran Helicopter Engines Academy network and more specifically in these last ten years through its partnership contract for the Europe, Africa and Middle East region.

The Group provides training on the range of Safran Helicopter Engines gas turbines to operator customers, Safran Helicopter Engines’ and Airbus Helicopters’ maintenance technicians.

These training courses cover all three maintenance levels: Line, Base and Deep Maintenance training is given at the Group’s Training Center in the Bayonne region and at customer sites. This training meets the requirements of EASA authorities, and all trainees completing the training will receive a qualification certificate.

Airbus Helicopters Training & Services Partnership

For just over 4 years, NOVAE has been Airbus Helicopter Training and Services’ partner of choice in the training sector.

NOVAE is a long-standing partner of Airbus Helicopters Training & Services and proposes a range of complementary and innovative training courses. NOVAE provides training under MTO Flex AIRBUS Helicopters Training & Services in the Aquitaine region on the range of “ending programs”.

The certification under MTO FLEX Airbus of our first trainers marks the start of this partnership.


ISO 9001 – ISO 9100-certified

As an ISO 9001- and ISO 9100-certified engineering service company, our customers benefit from the guarantee of rigorous quality management, products and services in line with their expectations, as well as the continuous improvement of our processes to provide maximum customer satisfaction.

Our ISO 9001 certification reinforces the trust in our abilities and demonstrates our commitment to operational excellence.


Automotive and Mobility

Military engineering

NOVAE deploys men and women on a daily basis to the most strategic aircraft and machines to guarantee operational excellence, whatever the conditions.

A member of GICAT, the Group employs experts, former redeployed soldiers, who are trained to work on all defense systems on French soil, and on external operations.

Aware that this operational performance is forged through the learning of methods and the practice of essential actions that enable these systems to function, we have invested in the training of these people who guarantee our safety every day.

Our solutions

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Defense sector

Automotive engineering

NOVAE is positioned as a global consulting, engineering and training player in the automotive and ground mobility industries.

Working at the plants and in the sales, after-sales and training departments of major clients, NOVAE provides excellent solutions to ensure reliable vehicle production, and to enhance relations between dealers and their network.

Our aim is to contribute to the operational performance of our customers to enable them to adapt seamlessly to the major technological changes in their sector.

Our solutions

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Automotive sector

We recruit the best existing and future talent.

NOVAE is all about the men and women who bring their engineering, training and digital expertise to leading players in the mobility industry.

325694 • 12 Jul 2024 Permanent

Supplier Quality Manager (M/F)

We are looking for a supplier quality manager. He will be in charge of managing and improving the quality of the products provided by our partners. Its missions will include...

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Parthenay, Nouvelle-Aquitaine

324404 • 8 Jul 2024 Permanent

Maintenance Technician B1

We are looking for a B1 maintenance technician for a mission with one of our clients. The selected candidate will be responsible for maintaining, troubleshooting and repairing the mechanical, electrical...

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Montpellier, Occitanie

323737 • 5 Jul 2024 Permanent

Methods Manager (M/F)

We are looking for a methods manager. This role requires adequate coordination and supervision of all activities related to production methods. You will guarantee the optimization of our industrial organization,...

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Rochefort, Nouvelle-Aquitaine

322807 • 2 Jul 2024 Permanent

Adjuster-assembler (M/F)

A true pillar of the requirement for precision, we are looking for an adjuster-assembler for our client. This person will be in charge of assembling and adjusting the various aeronautical...

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Argenteuil, Île-de-France

322806 • 2 Jul 2024 Permanent

Adjuster Fitter (M/F)

We are currently looking for an adjuster fitter for a mission with one of our major clients in the aeronautical industry. The role of the fitter is to precisely assemble...

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Malville, Pays de la Loire

322809 • 2 Jul 2024 Permanent

Adjuster Fitter (M/F)

We are looking for an adjuster to strengthen our team. Its mission will be to assemble, adjust and control the parts of different devices according to the plans and instruction...

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Martignas-sur-Jalle, Nouvelle-Aquitaine