Training & Knowledge transfer

Effectively transfer information and technical knowledge globally.

NOVAE is positioned as a benchmark company in the field of Air/Land/Sea technical training, offering comprehensive and tailored solutions to meet the specific needs of its customers. From introductory training to continuous and regulatory training, via activity-based training, upskilling and On Job Training (OJT), NOVAE covers the entire spectrum of technical training.

To remain at the forefront of the industry, the company continually invests in the development of its "NOVAE 5.0" learning platform. Adopting a human-centered approach aims to improve performance by placing learners at the heart of the improvement process. Through a wide range of simple and immersive digital tools, NOVAE offers an interactive and effective learning experience that enables learners to gain knowledge in an engaging and practical way.

Not simply content with providing technological tools, NOVAE also has a team of expert educational engineers. This talented team works very closely with customers to design tailored training programs, aligned with the specific objectives of the organization. By combining a solid educational approach with cutting-edge technological tools, NOVAE offers a global solution to develop the skills of and to upskill technical teams.

NOVAE’s commitment to professional development is shown through continuous learning and a constant search for innovation in the field of technical training. Through its holistic and tailored approach, NOVAE helps its customers to reach high performance levels, promoting the essential role played by humans in a company’s growth and success.

NOVAE Training Solutions

Technical training on-site or at a training center

NOVAE has been offering upskilling services to technicians and companies at its training center or at customer premises, for over 15 years.

We have several training centers and our recognized and qualified expertise (Qualiopi, PART 147, PART 145) enables us today to support professionals in their training processes.

Bringing the aeronautical requirement to our customers

Driven by its long-standing know-how in the aeronautics industry, the NOVAE Group works with manufacturers who are seeking expertise, agility and technical skills. Knowledge transfer and the learning of production line skills constitute our added value.

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NOVAE Learning Solutions

Digital training solutions

NOVAE Learning Solutions proposes a comprehensive range of digital solutions to revolutionize your teaching methods.

Our expertise ranges from classroom-based support to the advanced digitalization of training materials, and we are well-known for our immersive engaging and inspiring solutions.

We adapt to your needs with an unmatched flexibility due to our LMS/LEP multi-format and multi-platform solutions.

As your international partner, our commitment to support you extends beyond simple technology. We work with you from the strategic design to the global roll-out of your projects to improve the training of your employees.

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Our commitment

The learner at the heart of training

At NOVAE, we place full focus on the learner, believing their educational experience to be the linchpin of our training. Our approach focuses on the learning pace and habits of each individual, carefully analyzing their motivations, concerns and daily uses. This approach enables us to design content that is both stimulating and motivational, customized to meet the specific needs of every learner.

Our commitment to fully include the learner in their training journey requires us to take their existing knowledge into account. We use educational methods such as games, flipped learning and initiative taking. These dynamic approaches are designed to stimulate in-depth study, thus promoting a more enhanced understanding of the topics covered.

The advantages of our solutions are their flexibility, their fluidity, and their user-friendliness. Our aim is to enable learners to focus solely on the content, without worrying about the tool used. By making the learning journey as simple and seamless as possible, we maximize the enjoyment and overall experience for learners.

At NOVAE, our main goal is to create a training experience that sparks interest, actively involves the learner and, consequently, supports long-term recall and application. We firmly believe that fully involving the learner in their training is the key to creating an environment that is conducive to intellectual growth and educational success.


PART 145- and PART 147-approved
and Qualiopi-certified

Our Qualiopi certification guarantees the quality of our training services. Moreover, we are authorized to issue certification training in compliance with the PART 145 and PART 147 standards.

This dual certification reinforces our commitment to the aeronautical industry and demonstrates our capacity to provide training that meets the sector’s most stringent standards. For our customers, this certification provides assurance that our training is recognized and optimized, whilst giving our trainees the opportunity to acquire skills compliant with the most exacting standards in their field.

At NOVAE, we produce skilled and certified professionals, who are ready to excel in their career.

Our vision

Investing in human resources

In the current industrial climate, training plays a vital role for companies. Two major challenges confirm the importance of this training: the increase in production rates and the population pyramid with many employees retiring.

To rise to these challenges, it is important to train employees in new technologies and work methods, in order to maintain high standards of quality, whilst ensuring the passing on of know-how.

Training also helps us to adapt to constant developments and technological progress, and therefore helps companies to innovate and become more competitive.

Investing in training is therefore a strategic investment that attracts and retains talented individuals, whilst ensuring that a company has the resilience and durability required to face future changes in the industrial market.

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Martignas-sur-Jalle, Nouvelle-Aquitaine

317511 • 13 Jun 2024 Permanent

Engine Maintenance Technician / Aeronautical Engine Trainer (M/F)

We are looking for an Engine Maintenance Technician / Aeronautical Engine Trainer for a mission with a prestigious client. The chosen individual will work to maintain and repair aircraft engines,...

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Bruxelles, Bruxelles

317505 • 13 Jun 2024 Permanent

Aeronautical Maintenance Technician (M/F)

We are looking for an aircraft maintenance technician to join the team at our client. The selected candidate will be responsible for ensuring preventive and corrective maintenance on the civil...

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