Consultancy and Technical expertise for high-technology industries

NOVAE is positioned as a preferred partner to help its customers to improve their industrial performance and guarantee optimal use of their complex systems.

As a French intermediate size enterprise specializing in consulting and technical expertise, we rely on a solid industrial footing in key sectors such as aeronautics, space and defense.

Making use of our extensive experience, we now offer our skills and experience to the energy, automotive and mobility industries in the broadest sense.

NOVAE, on land, in the air and at sea.

Aeronautics and Space


Automotive and Mobility

Aeronautics and Space Industries

With its deep-rooted industrial expertise, NOVAE offers support with the design, production, operation, maintenance and decommissioning of aircraft and systems, in an environment governed by increasingly stringent requirements, ever-shorter production cycles, and the need to strictly adhere to the budget.

Present in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia, the Group has the capacity to work on all aeronautical and space programs, with primary focus on meeting the expectations of its customers.

Our solutions

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Defense Industries

NOVAE deploys men and women on a daily basis to the most strategic aircraft and machines to guarantee operational excellence, whatever the conditions.

A member of GICAT, the NOVAE Group employs experts, former redeployed soldiers, who are trained to work on all defense systems on French soil, and on external operations.

Aware that this operational performance is forged through the learning of methods and the practice of essential actions that enable these systems to function, we have invested in the training of these people who guarantee our safety every day.

Our solutions

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Automotive and Mobility Industries

NOVAE is positioned as a global consulting, engineering and training player in the automotive and ground mobility industries.

Working at the plants and in the sales, after-sales and training departments of major clients, NOVAE provides excellent solutions to ensure reliable vehicle production, and to enhance relations between dealers and their network.

Our aim is to contribute to the operational performance of our customers to enable them to adapt seamlessly to the major technological changes in their sector.

Our solutions

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Our services

Methods of intervention

NOVAE sets itself apart through its commitment to provide its customers with tailored ecosystem and integration solutions. As no two companies have the same needs, we offer two flexible methods of intervention:

Direct technical expertise and on-site presence, our team of qualified professionals can be deployed to the sites of our partners as a dedicated technical support team. They will cooperate with the customer’s team every step of the way, providing tailored solutions and specialist expertise to meet specific needs.

Alternatively, and for complementary activity outsourcing purposes, NOVAE also provides on-site workpackage subcontracting services. Comprehensive teams then intervene at the customer’s site to manage all aspects of industrial operations, in compliance with OTD and OQD targets, and with pre-established standards.

Whatever the method chosen, NOVAE is here to support you and to provide you with complete and secure ecosystem and integration solutions.


Technical support

The technical support service provides the option of benefiting from the expertise of our employees on an as-required basis over a set period of time.

Industrial subcontracting

Subcontracting or service packages allow you to benefit from our know-how to produce one or more workpackages.


A Group open to the world

NOVAE currently has more than 400 employees in France and around the world, working in 10 offices, deploying its services daily at customer sites in about ten different countries.

Aware that it is pointless to invest where others are experts, NOVAE has, since its creation, implemented a partnership approach with universities, colleagues, freelancers and even some of its customers.

This is why we created NOVA Community, to bring together, around our core areas of expertise, technology communities to which our employees and external partners belong. This community allows us to enrich exchanges, together with promoting the running of joint projects and developing best practice.

Consultants NOVAE

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We recruit the best existing and future talent.

NOVAE is all about the men and women who bring their engineering, training and digital expertise to leading players in the mobility industry.

309468 • 17 May 2024 Permanent

Gunsmith On Rafale (M/F)

We are currently looking for a qualified and experienced gunsmith for our client. The ideal candidate will be responsible for the safe maintenance, storage and handling of a variety of...

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Cazaux, Occitanie

309243 • 16 May 2024 Permanent

Electronic Harmonization Technician (M/F)

We are looking for an electronics technician to join an exciting mission with one of our clients. The position provides for the design and production of communications and lighting systems,...

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Dourdan, Île-de-France

309244 • 16 May 2024 Permanent

Electro-mechanical Methods Engineer (M/F)

We are looking for an electro-mechanical methods engineer to join our team. This highly qualified profile will be responsible for optimizing and improving our production processes, while providing technical support...

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Dourdan, Île-de-France