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, an industrial heritage spanning 80 years in aircraft manufacturing,

An innovative services offer for high-potential cutting edge technology sectors

The combination of our expertise to support our customers with their major developments.

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Our work

In brief

NOVAE aims to deploy its expertise in manufacturing, repair and technical support to include its solutions on all worldwide aviation programs. The Group also has a range of innovative services for high-potential cutting edge technology sectors.

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Our expertise

Bringing innovation to our customers

Member of the French Fab and the fast-expanding Bpifrance network, NOVAE specializes in the manufacture, repair and maintenance of aerostructures and complex systems, technical training and innovative e-learning solutions, consulting, industrial and digital engineering as well as technical documentation and language expertise services for manufacturers.

Aerospace solutions

  • Manufacturing Engineering
  • Manufacture and repair of complex metal aerostructures
  • Maintenance engineering & global support package
  • Manufacture at customer site
  • Industrial transfer management
  • Knowledge transfer
  • Educational engineering/Multimedia/Learning solutions
  • Digital transformation
  • Language expertise services

Engineering & services

  • Design & manufacturing engineering
  • Control, quality, audits & evaluation
  • Supply-Chain & Flow management
  • Sales support
  • After-sales & maintenance engineering
  • Digital transformation
  • Knowledge transfer
  • Language expertise services

Digital solutions

  • Audit & digital strategy consulting
  • Development
  • IT support deployment
  • Industry 4.0
  • 10 offices
  • 2 plants
  • 450 employees

Our sites

A Group close to its customers

NOVAE currently employs 450 people, working at 2 plants and 10 offices in Europe, the Middle East and North Africa and generates sales of €45M.

Openness, Excellence, Trust, Ambition & Determination

Shared values uniting employees worldwide

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Helping the Group to achieve its goals

Since November 2017, NOVAE has had the backing of three financial investors: Bpifrance, BNP développement and Demeter.

NOVAE is expanding its governance and has a strategic committee to complement the group’s executive committee
and its two service and industrial division committees.