Train, Develop, Acquire technical skills.

Carbon fibre composites

  • 12 maximum
  • 1 jour
  • On NOVAE site or on the customer’s premises

Teaching objectives

Understand composite materials in general, their usefulness as well as their applications in various industries (such as aerospace, automotive, marine, defence, plastics, etc.) and their mechanical properties.

Training content

General presentation of reinforcements or fibres,


  • Glass fibre,
  • Carbon fibre,
  • Aramid fibre.

Implementation of composite materials:

  • Draping,
  • Lamination,

Infusion: definition, fields of application,

Vacuum infusion: wet lay-up process.

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Any person involved in the supervision of aircraft maintenance within approved maintenance organisations (supervisors, mechanics, logistics operators, quality experts, personnel in charge of work and resource planning).

Method of Distribution and validation of learning

Interactive presentations, case studies, Evaluation test.

Trainer qualification

Experts providing daily technical missions to companies trained and qualified in adult education.

Document issued if assessment passed

Training Certificate.

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