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Methodologies & Innovations

NOVAE is engaged in a constant process of transformation and improvement of its activity. We have thus equipped ourselves with tailor-made tools to increase our efficiency in managing our projects and our operational gains. It is at the crossroads of the business expertise of our teams, the innovative vision of our Labs and the digital mastery of our employees that a suite of tools dedicated to Operational Excellence was born:

NOVAE 360 Talents™

At NOVAE, we are aware that our businesses and our excellence depend essentially on our employees: the People.

This is why we have implemented 360Talents, our skills and career management program designed to reveal the full potential and talent of our employees.

360Talents revolves in particular around our technological communities by creating places for expression and technical training with the objective of growing all of our talent and preparing them for the technical and human challenges of tomorrow.

We strongly believe that it is by growing these People that we grow and that we are able to bring the greatest operational added value to our customers.


NOVAE has formed, around its core areas of expertise, technological communities bringing together, on the one hand, internal collaborators from different technical and sectoral backgrounds, and, on the other hand, external partners (Universities, start-ups, freelancers, customers, clusters...) on the principle of the extended enterprise.

These communities are led by one or more experts; they enable the exchange of best practices, as well as the sharing of knowledge and know-how for the mutual benefit of our teams and partners.

NOVA™ Operational & Industrial Excellence

NOVA™ is our internal work platform bringing together, on the one hand, all the social functionalities facilitating the emergence and expression of the NOVAE culture, and, on the other hand, the business functionalities (Sales monitoring and steering, project management, risk steering, CRM, Recruitment). NOVA™ is an information hub that reflects our extended enterprise philosophy through its planned accesses for clients and partners allowing a fluid circulation of project information.

NOVA™ allows us today, to work in full transparency with our ecosystem and to establish a framework conducive to the excellent industrial performance of our services at our customers.