Think, Create, Innovate.

Collective intelligence, the force driving our innovations

Innovation is the very essence of our strategies and is integral to our daily activities. The deployment of our projects and the implementation of strategic industrial partnerships allow us to contribute to the creation of innovative and promising concepts that meet the demands of the activity sectors of our customers.


The digital revolution driven by our employees

NOVAE created NovaLab stemming from a need to innovate, to transform the company, and, in a wider sense, to improve its operation. The Lab's dual focus is creativity and digitalization. This ideas lab promotes the deployment of internal projects concerning the digitalization of our tools, digital transformation and the management of change at our plants.

avion dans le ciel


Strategic international partnerships

The aim of our partnership policy is to bring our customers a solution adapted to their needs through complementary partnerships that allow us to offer “Best Cost” and environmentally friendly solutions.

NOVAE approached Romaero (Romanian company specializing in chemical machining) and Masa (Spanish company specializing in mechanical machining) in order to develop a comprehensive and integrated solution using the following technologies: stretching, rolling, chemical machining, 3D mechanical machining.

The aim of this new partnership is to integrate all NOVAE features in order to provide customers with a reliable, safe and competitive solution.

NOVAE, a socially-responsible company

Our missions

Our CSR policy is intrinsically linked to our work. Our CSR strategy and goals help to promote a positive image of our company with all stakeholders, including and most importantly our customers, employees and investors.

Social Actions

  • Employment and Skills Management (GPEC): facilitating the sideways moves and promotions of our employees.
  • Management of disabled employees: 6% of our workforce is disabled. Adaptation of workstations and working conditions were proposed. SAMETH (Job Retention Support Service for people with disabilities) and the ESAT (Job Assistance Services and Organization) are fully involved in the recruitment process.
  • Support of senior employees as they approach retirement: optimization of working hours at the end of their careers in order to reduce occupational health risks.
  • Support for young employees with their learning by offering a variety of contracts.