• GICAT member Defense & Security
  • GIFAS member Aeronautics & Space
  • GICAN member Naval activities
  • Certified Confidential Defense, ISO 9001, ISO 17100, EN 9100, PART 147

Our areas of expertise

Our expertisesHelping our Clients improve their industrial performance and ensure optimal operation of their complex systems.

We support them in design, manufacturing, operations support and maintenance phases of their most complex products and systems.

We also provide them with a comprehensive platform dedicated to the transmission of information and knowledge.

Our business lines

Design, Engineering and Manufacturing

Technical solutions in the critical phases of product & system development.

NOVAE participates in the industrialization and manufacturing of products and systems for high-tech, defense & disruptive industries and provides a strong link with OEMs and manufacturers to better capitalize on the knowledge of their products, their organization and their challenges by putting this knowledge to good use in the phases of operational support and training.

Systems Design & Engineering

  • Study / Calculations / Tests
  • 3D modeling, CAD/CAM
  • Preparation - Methods
  • Retro engineering
  • Tooling design
  • Industrial transfer

Manufacturing & assembly

  • Systems assembly and fitting
  • MRO Structural, fluid, repair, composite, NDT (Cofrend, Cosac-Niv2)

Control, Quality, Audits and Evaluation

  • Assembly inspection
  • Parts inspection
  • First article report writing
  • Quality Management system implementation
  • Management of Non-Conformances
  • Conducting audits

Supply Chain & Flow Management

  • Inventory management
  • Store management
  • Supply management
Our business lines

Support engineering & maintenance in operational conditions

Maximize the operation of complex systems.

NOVAE participates in the definition of the support resources of its customers, directly in management and service centers but also via partnerships and co-contracting with leading players in the sector so as to provide a technical response up to the level of the most complex systems.

NOVAE continues to industrialize its MRO/MCO capabilities toward autonomous technical platforms with the latest regulatory standards capable of responding anywhere in the world to the implementation of large-scale maintenance, support and modification or retrofit operations.

Support Engineering

  • Studies, Logistics Support Analysis, Technical Fact Processing
  • Obsolescence Management
  • Document Engineering (S1000D & MAT10000 Standard)
  • Linguistic Engineering (Translation, Interpreting, Management and Support of Multiple Platforms and Media)
  • Software engineering & embedded computing
  • Trouble Shooting
  • Surety of operation

Maintenance in Operational Condition

  • Maintenance in Operational Condition of Equipment and Systems Levels 1, 2 and 3
  • Retrofit & Modification
  • International deployment & logistics support
Our business lines

Training and knowledge transfer

Effectively transmit information and technical knowledge around the world.

NOVAE acquires a global capability in Air/Land/Sea technical training with the ability to generate complete and customized offerings (Ab initio to QT / Continuing & Regulatory Training / Business Training / Maturation / OJT).

The company invests in "NOVAE 5.0" learning: the Human factor at the heart of improvement and performance. As well as in a wide range of simple or immersive digital tools intended for knowledge acquisition. NOVAE also has a team specialized in pedagogical engineering.

Aviation maintenance

Training Technique

  • Customized aeronautical and landcraft training
  • PART 66, AB initio, maturation, QT, OJT
  • Instructional writing
  • Presential & remote training (virtual classroom)
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Marshaller training

Digital Learning

  • Support for face-to-face
  • Digitization of training materials
  • Immersive solutions
  • multi-media, multi-format and multi-platform LMS, LEP

Modalities of intervention

Today, NOVAE operates in 3 different modalities at our clients' sites depending on the integration need and the client's ecosystem.

These three modalities are as follows: the Fee-based Consulting, the implementation of Customer Site Collaborative and Integrated Platforms and finally the provision of Autonomous Service Centers on NOVAE sites.