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NOVAE Learning Solutions is a benchmark player in the custom e-Learning market

. We aim to develop a global support solution to meet our customers’ training needs.

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Our work

Give users a memorable experience


To ensure that information is remembered, it needs to be relevant for users. NOVAE pays specific attention to what you have to say.


The training concept and the graphic universe or animations created will motivate users and in turn help them to remember information.


Projects are developed using a variety of teaching methods to hold trainee interest and to create a firm knowledge base by prompting user input throughout the training course.


User Interfaces (UI) are designed in 3D and incorporate web codes and current mobile applications. They enable users to solely focus on the acquisition of new knowledge.

Training unit

Trainees, story-board & innovation

Our instructional designers are experts in digital training design.

Their mission: Create accessible content that is easy to memorize by adapting the design to the needs of trainees and to the training context. They therefore form the foundations of your future training solution, from the training concept submitted in response to a Request for Proposal.

Graphic unit

Creativity, trends & UI/UX

Under the leadership of the Creative Director, Artistic Directors and Graphic Artists create personalized universes for each solution.

Their mission: Create attractive solutions. They also ensure that messages are clearly understood by creating educational visuals and user-friendly and intuitive interfaces.

Development unit

Solution, functionalities & LMS

Responsible for the final steps, the integrators develop tailored training solutions.

Their mission: Deliver a functional training solution that conforms completely to the training design and graphics.

Involved from the response to the request for proposals and at each stage of the project, they provide technical input in order to produce a high quality training solution.

Project management unit

Quality, planning & budget

Playing a key role, the project managers ensure the smooth running of each project.

Their mission: Ensure customer satisfaction and compliance with commitments (Quality, cost and deadline).

The project manager remains in permanent contact with you, keeping you up-to-date on project progress, raising any issues with you and acting as the liaison with production teams.

Training solutions

& custom tools

Video learning
  • Trainees generally have a limited amount of time to devote to training. Through Video Learning, you can segment their learning, and upload videos for trainees to watch in the own time and to suit their training needs.
Serious game
  • As the use of games in training can really motivate trainees, we have created game-based e-Learning modules adapted to your trainees. Serious Games will allow you to provide effective training that will make trainees want to learn.
  • Simulate the operation of any type of circuit or system and work on them in real time. Emulators enable you to visualize performance in all possible situations.
Blended learning
  • The best way to improve information retentionis to use a combination of classroom-based and digital learning methods. We will help you to create custom Blended Learning courses, enabling you to optimize face-to-face exchanges with your trainees.
Mobile learning
  • Adapt your training to your trainees by choosing a format that is better suited to remote working. Mobile Learning ensures that your training content can be consulted anywhere at any time.
Virtual classes
  • A blend of e-Learning and classroom-based training, virtual classes enable you to bring trainees from around the world together at the same time to watch a live training session.

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Enedis Vinci Société Générale BNP MBDA MNH

Business Cases

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Short motion design video teaser

Video learning
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Target population

The module is intended for all the company’s areas of business, all agents with specific IP requirements. The target audience consists of 39,000 employees with a different level of proficiency on the subject.


The aim of the training is to acculturate all company employees to CSR and to ensure that all agents are committed to reaching the objectives set out in the CSR strategy.

Digital Learning training course

Digital Learning
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Digital Learning training course grouping together the different teaching methods (e-Learning, Serious Game, Video Learning, Quizzes, Training Sheets)

Target population

Michelin’s entire workforce, i.e. 110,000 employees.


Providing support to Michelin with a “Customer Service Transformation Plan” involving the reorganization of a number of its divisions (Supply Chain, Logistics, Customer Service and Sales Administration) and the reorganization of processes and tools in these areas

Creation of a series of 12 microlearning courses

Video Learning
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Target population

9,000 employees in 9 regions of France.

  • Inform employees about the appropriate use of sick leave.
  • Draw attention to employee absenteeism.
  • Raise employees’ awareness of the prevention topics covered.
  • Present key health and safety messages in a more fun, dynamic and entertaining way.
  • Provide a readily accessible and traceable IT medium.
  • Assess the effects of training using feedback on the LMS platform.

Creation and development of a digital learning course in addition to the classroom-based sessions

Blended Learning
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Target population

4,000 Vinci employees and future recruits.

  • Shorten the classroom-based training to half a day for simplified organization.
  • Refocus the classroom-based training on the contents requiring contextualization by the participants with regard to the operation of the Regional Directorate and for which communication between trainees and trainers is necessary.
  • Reduce employee frustration during classroom-based sessions.