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Our teams work with you on your digital transformation projects, from the early design stages up to completion and deployment of your digital projects.

Our work

Provide solutions adapted to your specific issues

We pride ourselves in creating added value through:

Our digital transformation experts, capable of identifying your specific issues and designing tailored digital solutions.
Our technical experts, capable of developing, deploying and maintaining complex digital systems.

Our digital activities

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Audit & digital strategy consulting

We believe that the digitalized world has room for all companies regardless of their size. NOVAE aims to provide you with a wealth of expertise to help you conduct accurate audits of the progress of your digitalization. Once these audits have been conducted, we will integrate your teams during consulting assignments to establish a sold strategy to ensure the joining of forces between your professional expertise and our digital expertise.


NOVAE designed its excellence hub around a twofold profile with consultants on the one hand and technical experts on the other, capable of helping you to develop and/or implement our proposed digital solutions.

The relevance of our offer lies in the operational links connecting consultants and developers throughout our interventions and that guarantee you technically viable and affordable solutions.

IT support deployment

NOVAE helps you with the deployment and throughout the operational life of digital solutions already internalized or being developed.

Focus fully on your value-creating activity by entrusting our experts with the deployment, maintenance, continuous improvement, support and user training for all of your digital solutions (already in place or currently being developed by our teams).

Digital Learning Training

In collaboration with the Learning Solutions hub, NOVAE offers digital and technical expertise for the deployment of tailored and high-added value digital learning solutions.

From the digitalization of your existing classroom-based training to the creation of tailored Blended Learning courses, we provide you with an extensive range of technologies and teaching models to create a unique learning experience for your trainees.

Offering partnership support to companies of all sizes in the digital training field, the Group adapts to your context to offer you optimized solutions that are both technically advanced and within budget.

Industry 4.0

With its strong industrial background, NOVAE aims to make its industrial branch the symbol of industry 4.0.

We do not perceive the future of industry to be the replacement of plants and people by robots and software. Quite the opposite! We perceive future industries to be those in which software and robots will enable humans to spend more time doing what only they have the capacity to do: inventing, innovating and creating the tools and products of the future.

Our work in the domain of industry is therefore systematically focused on creating added value for your employees and optimizing their work and their efforts.

With NOVAE, the future of digitalized industry will be intrinsically human!

Our satisfied customers

Gefco Vinci Carrefour Total Safran Astek

Business Cases

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Reshaping of our in-house training and careers support

Digital strategy consulting & project architecture

As part of its skills management reorganization, Carrefour is looking to create a new in-house training platform.

view solutions adopted
  • Help with Brainstorming
  • Creation of user profiles
  • Creation of application wireframes
  • Design of database
  • Drafting of project specifications in response to functional issues defined
  • Drawing up of a reverse schedule based on development and establishment of a draft budget
  • Provision of expertise to create the framework of a complex digital project
  • Support of the decision-making team

Design of a “wiki” applications grading platform

Digital strategy consulting & web development

Creation of a collaborative grading platform for the digital applications of the Group and its entities in order to capitalize on investments already made.

view solutions adopted
  • Help with Brainstorming
  • Implementation of the agile method for a 4-month period of development
  • Development and deployment of a Minimum Viable Product
  • Coordination of the Pilot phase with the Beta Testers
  • Proposal and development of product modifications
  • Winner of the ANDRH (Station F) Association’s “Disruption numérique RH (HR digital disruption)” award
  • A product 100% tailored and scaled to respect Vinci's fundamental character
  • A prestigious award to enhance Vinci's visibility in digital transformation

Dematerialization of the communication process for the ARGOS challenge

Digital development & strategy consulting

Total, committed to digitalizing its content, wanted to dematerialize its entire communication process for the ARGOS challenge.

view solutions adopted
  • Proposal for the creation of a website specific to the Challenge
  • Creation of wireframes and arborescence for the Challenge site
  • Customized website development
  • Implementation of communication channels and monitoring tools: mailing, analytical tools on the website, reporting
  • Compliance with the paperless target
  • Effective monitoring tools customized and configured for relevant KPIs and optimized management

Industry 4.0 & Digitalization of workshop Workflow

view solutions adopted
  • Consulting, Project architecture, Development & Deployment
  • Digitalization of project management & risk management
  • Implementation of digital visual management tools & display of KPIs at workstation

Audit, training and technical documentation

IT support deployment

Support with the use of SAP invoice flow management applications.

view solutions adopted
  • Audit, drafting of specifications, improvement and implementation of activity-specific processes
  • An expert consultant Supply Chain Workflow Management Project Management Support/SAP configuration/Multilingual in-field trainer
  • Preparation and distribution of processes with users
  • Training of users in specific applications
  • Tool configuration on stations
  • Update of technical documentation and drafting of new versions
  • Analysis of KPIs
  • Operational support & personnel training
  • Management tools with relevant KPIs & written knowledge base and new work methods

Development of the global digital apartment booking system

Digital strategy consulting & web development

Creation of a tailored digital on-line platform for booking luxury apartments and an in-house management software.

view solutions adopted
  • Audit & Analysis of corporate development strategy
  • Modeling of information flows from order placement to project closure
  • Recommendation and development of the site and the Guest Trotter application
  • Deployment of the solution and training of users
  • Feedback and adjustments after 4 months of use
  • Unique management tool & Management of the teamwork aspect
  • Control of information flow from order placement to the end of the project & creation of KPIs