• GICAT member Defense & Security
  • GIFAS member Aeronautics & Space
  • GICAN member Naval activities
  • Certified Confidential Defense, ISO 9001, ISO 17100, EN 9100, PART 147


Unlimited availability

NOVAE deploys, on a daily basis, men and women as close as possible to the most strategic aircraft and machines to guarantee operational excellence, regardless of the conditions.

With the defense confidential certification and member of GICAT, the group has experts, former military returnees, who are able to intervene on all defense systems, on French soil and in external operations.

Training to meet the requirements

Aware that this operationality is forged by learning the methods and practicing the essential gestures that allow these systems to function, we have invested in the training of these Men who, every day, guarantee our security.

Consulting & expertise

Our fields of expertise

Manufacturing engineering & in-situ manufacturing

  • Study, Calculations, Testing & Product or System Development
  • Industrialization & method preparation
  • Manufacturing & in situ integration
  • Quality system management, Audit & Evaluation
  • Product control & quality, non-destructive testing
  • Supply-Chain & Flow Management
  • Industrial Transfers
Ingénierie de fabrication
Ingénierie du soutien

Support Engineering

  • Logistics support analysis
  • Obsolescence management
  • Technical documentation
  • Multilingual communication

MCO & Operational Support

  • Support for Manufacturers, OEMs, System Builders, Operators and End Users
  • Technical support France and International
  • Consulting on the organization and equipment of MRO centers and authorized repairers
  • Supply-chain and flow management - spare parts
MCO défense
Training Défense

Presential / remote technical trainings

  • NOVAE Training Centers & In situ client
  • Technical trainings
  • Landcraft piloting trainings
  • Maintenance and repair workshop management training

Digital Training & Information Delivery Solutions

  • Systems Modeling & Simulation Digital Solutions (Real-time 3D Simulators, CBT Modules, Trainers & Emulators, ...)
  • E-learning modules
    • Digitization of course materials
    • Virtual Classroom
    • Mobile Learning
    • Micro Learning
    • Video Learning
    • Gamified Learning
  • Immersive solutions (Virtual / Augmented Reality, 3D Real Time, ...)
Défense Digital

Modalities of intervention

Today, NOVAE operates in 3 different modalities at our clients' sites depending on the integration need and the client's ecosystem.

These three modalities are as follows: the Fee-based Consulting, the implementation of Customer Site Collaborative and Integrated Platforms and finally the provision of Autonomous Service Centers on NOVAE sites.