Proximity, Transparency, Candidate care.

Why work for us?

Because we are a close-knit team! We promote team work: pool our strengths, set common objectives for all employees.

What sets us apart?

Candidate experience

Our approach focuses essentially on “Candidate Care”, fostering a balance between the Recruiter and the Recruited, paying attention to the expectations of candidates applying for a job with us and ensuring a transparent recruitment process. Our proximity is also one of our strengths and we are committed to implementing a lasting relationship with candidates, from the moment we first meet.

Like you, we have big plans!

Our Group is experiencing strong growth and we are working on realistic and ambitious projects, with development in France and overseas. Our major investments enable us to be at the cutting edge of technology and to remain competitive (€12M invested since 2014).

Helping you to develop your skills and offering you large-scale projects, we share a common objective to achieve our goals together.

Promoting team work together

Our strength lies in our ability to treat employees and customers as individuals, because the success of our company is down to everyone feeling valued within the team.

Diversity within our customers both in terms of their activities and their geographical locations: this diversity enriches our own activity, the diversity of our roles and the daily work of our employees.

Humans at the heart of our projects

NOVAE makes it its mission to enable everyone, no matter what their role is, to become fully involved in creating value for customers from start to finish. Industrial innovation associated with good human relations, in-house and externally, with customers, our partners and employees are the cornerstones of the Group’s future. Our strength lies in our proximity to our employees and our customers.

Do you relish a challenge?

Your challenge awaits...

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