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Automotive & mobility

NOVAE is positioned as a global player in consulting, engineering and training for the automotive and land mobility industries.

Working in plants and in the sales, after-sales and training departments of the market's major principals, NOVAE provides solutions of excellence to guarantee the reliability of vehicle production, and to enhance the relationship between a distributor and thier network.

Our goal is to contribute to our clients’ operational performance so they can calmly negotiate the technological twists and turns of this sector.

Consulting & expertise

Our fields of expertise

After Sales & Operations

  • Support services for manufacturers to their end customers and authorized repairers
    • Technical support to authorized Repairers
    • Administration and processing of warranty transactions
    • Advice on organization and equipment for authorized repairers
  • Supply-chain and flow management - spare parts.
    • Assistance to MRO centers and authorized repairers
Service Après-ventes
Vente automobile

Sales and Distribution Operations Support

  • Logistics support for the distribution network
    • Level 1: Logistics hotline and logistics incident handling
    • Level 2: Analysis and improvement of supply flows
    • Level 3: Logistics cost analysis (SAP experts, etc.)
  • Sales Operations Processing - Sales Administration:
    • Administration of commercial campaigns in connection with the distribution network
    • .
    • Financial close of sales operations
    • Audits of commercial operations with the distribution network
  • Network management
    • Auditing of contractual standards related to the distribution contract
    • Information centers for a distribution network

In-person / remote technical training

  • Technical training
    • Maintenance operations training
    • Regulatory technical training
  • Maintenance and repair workshop management training
    • Management and Optimization of a maintenance workshop (time management; process improvement)
    • Technical and financial diagnosis - Leading your after-sales department
    • Workshop regulations and safety
    • On-site coaching - authorized repairer: personalized diagnosis, advice on organization, team management, support in recruiting technicians, process analysis and workshop improvement, analysis of equipment level and advice, launch of new MRO or authorized repairer sites
  • Change Management training for an aftermarket environment.
    • Skills building on a DMS (Dealer Management System)
    • Launch of a new operating system (SALES FORCE, other CRM/DMS, etc.)
Training automobile
Solutions digitales Automobile

Digital Training & Information Delivery Solutions

  • Digital solutions for Systems Modeling & Simulation (Real-time 3D Simulators, CBT Modules, Trainers & Emulators, etc.)
  • E-learning modules
    • Digitization of course materials
    • Virtual Classroom
    • Mobile Learning
    • Micro Learning
    • Video Learning
    • Gamified Learning
  • Immersive solutions (Virtual / Augmented Reality, 3D Real Time, etc.)

Working methods

Today, NOVAE operates in 3 different ways on our clients' sites depending on the integration requirements and the client's ecosystem.

These three methods are as follows: Fee-based Consulting, implementation of Customer Site Collaborative and Integrated Platforms and finally provision of Autonomous Service Centers on NOVAE sites.