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Aerospace & space

A strong industrial heritage

Based on its strong industrial heritage, Novae involves its experts from the design phase, through aircraft production and operation to maintenance and end of life; in an environment where the requirements are more and more demanding, where production cycles are shorter and shorter, where all costs must be meticulously respected.

Present in Europe, the Middle East and Asia, the group is able to intervene on all aeronautical and space programs, putting its customers’ expectations at the heart of its concerns.

A custom level of intervention.

Simple Technical Assistance, In-situ Collaborative Platform, up to the implementation of autonomous service centers, Novae uses 3 levels of intervention to allow its customers maximum flexibility.

As a partner of the Safran and Airbus groups, Novae has centers dedicated to the training of aeronautical technicians as well as the creation of training materials.

Consulting & expertise

Our fields of expertise

We support our industrial clients in the design, manufacturing and operational support phases of their most complex products and systems.

Manufacturing engineering & in-situ manufacturing

  • Study / Calculations / Tests
  • 3D modeling, CAD/CAM
  • Preparation - Methods
  • Industrialization
  • In-situ manufacturing and integration
  • Tooling design
  • Quality system management, Audit & Evaluation
  • Supply chain & flow management
  • Industrial transfer
Ingénierie de fabrication
Ingénierie du soutien

Support Engineering

  • Logistics support analysis
  • Obsolescence management
  • Technical documentation
  • Multilingual communication

GSP & Operational Support

  • Maintenance in Operational Conditions.
    • Diagnostics and troubleshooting
    • 1st and 2nd level technical support (structure, vector, engine, electrical systems)
    • 3rd level technical support in conjunction with OEMs, system builders and operators (Structure / Vector / Engine / Electrical systems / SNA)
    • Retrofit, modification and upgrade platforms and systems
  • B1 & B2 maintenance of civil and military aircraft
  • Rafale, Mirage, ATL2, C-130, HC 135, A 320, A380, ATR program
    • Clients: MBDA, Dassault, Amroc, Sabena, Tarmac, Safran

Aeronautical Training Center
face-to-face & remote learning

With 15 years of expertise in training and in a multicultural and multilingual environment, NOVAE Training Solutions offers you its rich and complete training catalog (including EWIS, CDCCL, PART 66, ...).

From its own expertise and the know-how of its trainers, NOVAE can offer you customized training that perfectly meets the professional requirements you set for yourself.

Discover our training offer


Aware that strength lies in numbers and that it is useless to invest where others are experts, since its inception, NOVAE has implemented a 360 degree partnership approach with universities, colleagues, independents and even some of its clients.

Safran Helicopter Engines Academy

logo Safran Helicopter Engine Academy

For more than 15 years, LCI, acquired in September 2019 by the NOVAE Group, has been a major player in the Safran Helicopter Engines Academy network and more particularly over the last ten years through its affiliation contract on the Europe, Africa & Middle East zone.

The group trains customer operators and maintenance technicians from Safran Helicopter Engines and Airbus Helicopters, on the Safran Helicopter Engines gas turbine range.

These training courses on the three levels of maintenance – Line, Base and Deep Maintenance - are delivered at the Group's Training Center in the Bayonne region as well as on customer sites. The training courses meet the requirements of the EASA authorities, and allow access to the delivery of a qualifying certificate.

Airbus Helicopters Training & Services

logo Airbus

For a little over 2 years now, NOVAE has been the privileged partner of Airbus Helicopters Training and Services in the training sector.

NOVAE is a long-term partner of Airbus Helicopters Training & Services and offers a complementary and innovative range of training. NOVAE provides training under MTO Flex for AIRBUS Helicopters Training & Services in the Aquitaine region on the "ending programs" range.

The Airbus MTO FLEX certification of our first trainers confirms the beginning of this partnership.

Measurable client satisfaction at the heart of the activity
and an acknowledged high quality professional environment

Working methods

Today, NOVAE operates in 3 different ways on our clients' sites depending on the integration requirements and the client's ecosystem.

These three methods are as follows: Fee-based Consulting, implementation of Customer Site Collaborative and Integrated Platforms and finally provision of Autonomous Service Centers on NOVAE sites.